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Updated: Nov 29, 2022

EZfare makes mobile transit simple and easier.

15 transit systems across Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan have come together to offer a coordinated mobile ticketing app. By downloading EZfare, riders can purchase fares from multiple agencies in one location enabling them to seamlessly ride without the need for cash or lines to purchase fare.

All EZfare agencies now have a stored value "EZfare Account" feature as a result of the funding support received through the IMI Grant. Passengers can now load cash at transit centers and also select retail locations.

We believe anyone who needs or wants to go anywhere in the communities we serve should be able to use public transit to get there,” Ben Capelle, Laketran CEO and NEORide Board President

Visit for information on how to download or use EZfare.

EZfare Partners...

Passengers can access EZfare and trip planning services through any of these apps.

EZfare Future...

ODOT and the FTA, have provided millions in grant funding to allow the expansion of this innovative, regional project.

2023: Smartcard and Fare Capping Implementation

EZfare agencies will be offering EZfare smartcards which can be loaded with cash at any transit center and select retail locations. Fare capping will also be enabled, allowing transit passengers to easily "tap and go" across multiple transit agencies with the best fare being calculated for them.


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