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Job Description: Ohio Small Urban Transit Coordinator



Position Summary


The Ohio Small Urban Transit Coordinator is responsible for providing technical assistance with financial and operational issues affecting Small urban Public Transit operations in Ohio.  The Ohio Small Urban Coordinator works in tandem with the NEORide Executive Director and other NEORide assigned personnel ensuring the proper and efficient management of the small urban operations.  The Ohio Small Urban Transit Coordinator maintains professional relationships with OTRP, ODOT, OPTA and other service providers necessary for the efficient management of the coordinator’s activities.


Position Requirements


The Ohio Small Urban Transit Coordinator shall, at a minimum, have an associate’s degree, but a bachelor’s degree is preferred.  No prior experience is required but prior experience at a Public Transit in Ohio is preferred.


The Ohio Small Urban Transit Coordinator shall have the ability to:


  • Communicate verbally and in writing.

  • Act in a self-directed and independent manner.

  • Legally operate a motor vehicle.

  • Physically navigate member and accident sites.

  • Occasionally lift up to 40 pounds (paper, office supplies, etc.)

  • Utilize PC’s and software applications including word processing, financial management/accounting, spreadsheets, databases, information systems, desktop publishing, Microsoft teams and e-mail, etc.

  • Understand office terminology, practices, procedures and equipment. Coordinate and develop presentations and conduct information gathering and networking sessions on job specific topics.

  • Is comfortable performing Public Speaking and Networking duties.

  • Is able to travel within the State of Ohio and to other Public Transit Locations or conferences in the U.S.


In addition, the Ohio Small Urban Transit Coordinator shall be or shall become skilled/knowledgeable in the following areas:


  • Operations and Capital Budgeting & Planning

  • Grant Applications and Reporting especially related to FTA and ODOT programs.

  • Creation, Management, Approval, and Tracking of Local and Statewide Transportation Improvement Programs

  • Procurement and Contracting

    • Understanding procurement thresholds and federal requirements

    • Develop coordinated procurement processes allowing for shared information across multiple transit agencies (both small urban and beyond). 

    • Develop a library of resources for

    • Many of Ohio’s agencies procure similar items, but they don’t currently have a mechanism to share information or previous procurement documentation. Create a library of resources and serve as the point of contact for procurement resources.

  • Data Collection and Reporting, including National Transit Database

  • Marketing

  • Compliance with FTA Regulations and Policy Development.

  • Technology: Scheduling/Dispatching expertise and technical assistance

  • Training



The Ohio Small Urban Transit Coordinator is expected to work weekdays between 8 AM and 5 PM.  The Ohio Small Urban Coordinator will spend approximately 50% of their time in an office environment with the additional 50% divided between walking/navigating, standing, operating a motor vehicle, attending meetings, or doing collaborative meetings and work off-site.  The Ohio Small Urban Coordinator must be able to remain stationary for long periods of time; occasionally move about the inside of an office to access filing cabinets, office machinery, and other tasks; constantly operate a computer and other office machinery; share accurate information with clients, claimants, and co-workers both in person and electronically; and occasionally work in outdoor weather conditions.  A flexible work schedule may be permitted, subject to the approval of the NEORide Director, provided it can be consistently maintained and meets the needs of NEORide and OTRP.    Requirements to work in excess of a 40-hour workweek will be rare but may include extra hours on weekdays or weekends as circumstances require.


General Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Makes decisions and operates in accordance with established NEORide and OTRP policies and procedures.

  2. Proofreads and independently composes correspondence.

  3. Prepares reports, presentations, summaries as needed or required.

  4. Maintains a communication network and builds a coalition with all Ohio Small Urban Public Transit Systems. Creates spaces for Small Urban Agencies to share best practices and network. 

  5. Assists with ODOT led conferences and agency led conferences. Helps organizers think of creative sessions that are informative and help Small Urban transit agencies learn information on new topics.

    1. OPTA large annual conference,

    2. OPTA, Small Operators Summit (SOS)

  6. Assists in making contributions to the NEORide newsletter/website and making periodic reports to ODOT and the NEORide Board.

  7. Assists Small Urban Public Transit Agencies with Technology deployments, scheduling and dispatching software, asset management, maintenance software, and accounting and finance software.  This work may include in-person time with agencies and bridging the gap between vendor technical assistance and agency staff. 

  8. Assists the Executive Director in the development of quarterly Board/Committee packets and attends NEORide Board meetings.

  9. Performs other duties as assigned by the OTRP CEO and NEORide Executive Director.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Tracks and assists Small Urban Transit Agencies in managing federal funds, especially Section 5307 and Section 5339.

  2. Leads small urban agency working group to identify all Small Urban Agencies operating expenses and capital projects and establish corresponding annual federal funding allocations for recommendations to ODOT.

  3. Identifies and assists Small Urban Agencies with unobligated and unencumbered federal funds to expedite spending or transfer funds before expiration.

  4. Creates and facilitates networking opportunities for Small Urban Transit’s in Ohio to share information with frequency throughout the year.

  5. Facilities meetings between Small Urban Transits and ODOT personnel when necessary.

  6. Develops training content and presenters for yearly conferences related to Small Urban Agencies.

  7. Answers questions related to current and future grant opportunities available within the State of Ohio.

  8. Oversees grant management and assists with grant writing. Works with Small Urban Transit Agencies to identify grant opportunities.

  9. Provides a comprehensive list and structure of Small Urban Transits in Ohio.

  10. Provides yearly reports to management and ODOT as to the state of Small Urban Transit in Ohio.

  11. Attends trade and vendors shows and other seminar opportunities related to Public Transit.

  12. Provides or organizes training and documentation for Small Urban Transits when necessary for relevant issues.

  13. Provides content for the NEORide Website and operates a specialty web page with specific information for small urban transit operations.

  14. Participates in OPTA Committees and Meetings to stay up to date and relevant on most recent industry developments.

  15. Coordinates with Small Urban Agencies to identify collective procurement opportunities and facilities process.

To Apply, email resume to


NEORide is an equal opportunity employer.  We are committed to a work environment that supports, inspires, and respects all individuals and in which personnel processes are merit-based and applied without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, disability, national or ethnic origin, miliary service status, citizenship, or other protected characteristic.

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